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This podcast has been very eye opening for me. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who is still trying to find themselves, or honestly if your just needing some entertainment because it’s seriously just that good of a podcast. I love how diverse everyone is and I think that also plays into how successful the podcast is. This podcast gave me an opportunity to hear so many different perspectives as far as struggles on the way to success which I am so grateful for. It made me more confident in my own road to where I want to be and it made me aware that it’s perfectly fine to not know what’s next as long as you keep working towards it.









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Image by Nathan Lindahl

Mycah Carter 

Coming on ignyte your why podcast was an absolute honor. Austin creates a safe space where you feel comfortable and are encouraged to be your genuine self. It was a joy getting to know him through this podcast and finding others who relate to my story. 


Aundrey Washington

Listening to Ignyte Your Why has been truly eye opening for me, I’ve never been more confident in my personal journey for self awareness. Being able to hear all the different life experiences discussed in the episodes was very enlightening, they made me feel less afraid of all life has in store for me. Overall I 100% recommend this podcast to literally everyone I feel like there’s something for anyone at any stage in life to take away from the episodes. 


Tiffany Mayse

Austin is so missed at NKU.  I miss the community that he helped  form within the Northern Kentucky Leadership Institute and his genuine kindness.   I deeply appreciate his service, leadership and commitment to everything he was engaged in!  Austin is a well respected alumni that NKU will continue to call upon.  What an amazing young professional with so much future potential.  I cannot wait to see how he changes the world!  He will make positive change!  


Tomas (Wise) Williams

Austin’s passion and flavorful style makes his podcast stand out among the rest! Austin and his guests exude positive energy by not only expressing their purpose behind their story but also igniting your why!

Image by Nathan Lindahl

Larry Willis II, MS

Since meeting Austin years ago, I have had the opportunity to witness his passion for helping others to discover their passions and unlock their true potential. Since I’ve known Austin, I’ve witnessed him use his social platforms to shed light by helping his peers through mentorship, motivation, and encouragement. Perhaps most recently, Austin has started hosting a motivational podcast titled, “Ignyte Your Why” where he actually uses this platform to offer individuals with an opportunity to open up to share their own personal stories, and even inspire others, too. Austin’s drive is so inspiring and his character is so personable, relatable, and most importantly, REAL. 


Tom Haggard, MPA 

I have known Austin for nine years now and worked with him in several capacities.  Austin is a natural leader that is committed to making a difference.  He takes time to get to know those he is working with and is deliberate about building connections and being a great team member.  He is positive and forward thinking while being realistic and pragmatic.  I look forward to seeing the positive impact that Austin will make in his career.


Lindsay Tatman 

Where do I begin, there aren’t enough amazing words to even be able to describe this human being. He is such a kind spirit and his passion for inspiring others is truly a gift. Since first meeting him in 2019, Austin has always been not only a helpful colleague, but also a good friend. He is someone you can trust and he will always look out for you. As a recent guest on his podcast “ignyte your why”, I felt safe, comfortable and accepted when sharing my story. I’m so happy I could’ve been part of this project that not only allowed me to speak my truth, but allows others to feel heard and comfortable speaking their own. Austin’s professionalism mixed with his personable demeanor has always astounded me, and I can’t wait to see where his next endeavors take him. 

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